Who I AM; Who I AM NOT


We define ourselves in our own minds, and that self-definition is critical in who we are and where we will progress. The definition that we make of ourselves carries over into our actions, the way that others see us, the careers we have, our mates, friends, our whole existence. The initial definition and later redefinition of who we are, and who we are not, is critical for our progression on the Spirit Path.

I am a psychic and I once gave a reading to a woman. I asked her to tell me about herself. She said that she was a recovering alcoholic. I asked her how long had it been since she had had a drink. She said that it had been twelve years. I laughed and told her that if I were her, I would say that I was not a drinker. I am an alcoholic. I am a recovering alcoholic. I am a non-drinker. It does make a huge difference in how we are seen and how we see ourselves.  She was actually a highly-regarded professional counselor at a rehabilitation facility.

I rarely drink alcohol and can’t remember the last time I got drunk. I don’t start conversations with strangers by saying that I am a non-drinker. It isn’t anything of what I am about. If I were to tell someone that I was a non-drinker, they would probably assume that I was an alcoholic or at least had a drinking problem. Defining ourselves by what we are not is often a clue as to how we see ourselves. Imagine saying to everyone you had just met any of the following declarations. I am not a pervert; I am not a killer; I am not an alcoholic; I am not insane. Whatever the person thinks that you are, they would probably think that you are not anyone for them to be around.

As we change and progress, it is important that we redefine ourselves. This begins within, and then carriers over to our outer existence. I knew a woman that was negative towards many things. She began to work her way into a more positive view. As she changed, her perceptions changed of others, others’ perceptions of her changes, and the world was now different. It was difficult for her to make that first step in redefining herself as a positive person, but it made a huge difference to her and to everyone around her. If this sounds too simple, give it a try.

Progressing on the Spirit Path is not complicated, but it isn’t easy.

The most important thing of who we are is that we are all children of the Creator and that we are all worthy of being here. We are all doing about as good as we can, and we all can do better if we try. It is this striving for progress and improvement that will define us. In the simplest terms, we are what we do. The beliefs and values that we hold determine our attitudes and actions.

The greatest mystery for each of us is to determine our purpose in this existence, and to fulfill that purpose. We are children of the Creator progressing to God-hood.

© Copyright 2023
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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