Jesus, Where are You?

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Jesus, Where are YOU?

Jesus is not coming back
because Jesus never left.
His body is in the Earth,
His soul is in your chest.

Jesus resides within our hearts
as part of the Soul of the Creator.
He lives with many other Souls
as Guides we embrace together.

The Creator of All that Is
has a name but not a face,
COATI is a forever mystery
who we accept with Grace.

Do not be deceived by the claim
that there are “chosen ones”.
Accept that there are many paths
that we all travel on.

COATI is a divine organizing energy
whose origin remains unknown.
A mystery behind more mysteries;
A place that Souls call Home.

Jesus resides within each of us.
We can hear His gentle call
and know that we are on the Path
if we show our love to All.

© Copyright 2023
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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