Rev. Jim Hetzer

Shadows of etheric body

My spiritual journey began as a Methodist in a small town in S.E. Ohio.  After being “saved”, I became an agnostic through undergraduate and graduate schools.  An experience with a powerful hallucinogen the night before I graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University converted me into an immediate believer in a higher power.  I continue to believe in an Organizing Source of energy for the creation of all of the cosmos, and know that this Organizing Source of creation is and will remain a mystery.

My transition into spiritualism began at the Christian Spiritualist Temple in about 1983.  I became an associate pastor in 1995, with additional duties as the head janitor, webmaster, spiritual reader, and healer.  The Spirit Path is an individual journey, with each person responsible for how they live their life.  One of the principles of spiritualism is that our lives reflect how well we obey natural laws.  Another principle is that no soul is ever beyond redemption.

The limits of my following Jesus is that I believe 100% that all of Jesus’ teachings can be distilled down to “Love God; love yourself; love your neighbor as yourself.”  Jesus is quoted in the Bible as saying that this simple instruction replaces all of the Law and the prophets.  I am with Jesus on that.  Beyond that, I suggest that we accept others’ religious beliefs so long as they are consistent with this Golden Rule that is found in every major religion in the world.  The Organizing Source has no chosen religion, people or person that are valued more than any other.  The Organizing Source is embedded within each of us and is trying to emerge as a responsible guide on the spirit path.

What we are about in this spiritual journey is the exploration of ways to become better human beings.  Being a better human being includes regard and respect for others, for our self, and for the Organizing Source.  The Dalai Lama recently answered a question of “why are we here” with an answer of “be happy”.  That is good advice.  We will try to incorporate the Cosmic Giggle in our discussions.