willow tree 2019 fisheyeEach person is here for a purpose.  Each person has their own unique Spirit Path.  This path is shaped by the decisions that are made each day.  It is also shaped by the karma of past acts and the interaction with others.  We will explore how to get on the path that is your destiny.

17 thoughts on “Home

  1. In embracing my parents’ leaving, I resonated with the story of easy passing. It was told to me that after my Mom passed, my Dad’s caretaker immediately drove him to her facility, because she knew he ” would have wanted to be there ” when Mom left this world. When he entered her room he said that she looked great, but that she is dead. It was his eternal love for my mother to claim she was still beautiful, and compassion for his caretaker that he was not anxious about this event. Like your parents, I believe our elders know this road is short. In the meantime, we will care deeply, as your poetry expresses. Thank you for the message, Rev. Jim!


    1. Those that have been together in love for a long time see the beauty in their partners that extends beyond outward appearances.


  2. Even though it is an animated children’s movie, Coco really speaks to our connection with those who love and care for us on both sides of life! You may want to check it out!


  3. Jim, great site want to heat more from you hear more. Any publications you could recommend? I am on a liver transplant list at osu. This all helps me.


    1. Karen: We will put you on our prayer list for the Christian Spiritualist Temple. I don’t know of alternative therapies for liver issues.


  4. absolutely love that you have this up now! Coming up on an anniversary– total one year anniversary for the monumental achievement of spirit, science and modern medical life extension
    permitted to me by the universe with sincere, compassionate, close monitoring by Rev. Jim….


  5. The health section is one of my interests. I have discovered that
    the food industry combined with Pharmaceuticals, is a detriment to human health. Neither is ultimately concerned with the positive health , only filling their pockets . This is a disgrace , because that means their God is “ Money”💰.
    To eat healthy and live a healthier life consists of Organic foods and following the guidance of the Bible- Torah, Sanskrit, and
    other ancients writings as to what is considered to be unclean versus clean consumable items.


    1. Lori, I am glad you are reading the stuff on revjimhetzer.com. I look forward to your comments.


  6. Hi Lori:
    I am delighted to see your comments, and look forward to what you have to say. Thanks.


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