A Brief History of the Mishandling of the Pandemic

  This is a summary of the mishandling of the pandemic by the HHS health agencies. It was a request for comment by a close acquaintance regarding how the HHS health agencies handled the pandemic. "Pfizer got the first patent on mRNA technology in 2010. Warp Speed was the first big lie. The initial advice … Continue reading A Brief History of the Mishandling of the Pandemic


VespersThe cool damp fogdescends upon the hillsThe twilight stillnessdemands silent reverence. The full moon risesas the sun departs.Daytime sleepsas the night awakens. Soft voices whispersongs of devotional praiseto the Spiritthat is the Creator. The service closeswith gentle praying.Peace descends uponthe people. © Copyright 2023Rev. Jim Hetzer

Looking for the Creator

  One definition of an atheist is “a person that does not believe in a deity”.  The term God or deity is so pre-loaded with meaning based upon particular religions that "higher power" or "Creator of All That Is" (COATI) are more useful descriptions.  In general, all of the descriptions of God are based upon … Continue reading Looking for the Creator