Change Yourself, Change Your World

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We each see our own world through our own eyes. There are as many worlds as there are beings to observe the world. This may be the source of the Buddhist teaching that the world is Maya – illusion. What is the true reality beyond what we each comprehend? Who holds The Truth in this world of perception?

There is a reality, and we each contribute to it individually.  As we observe others, we are often led to wanting these others to change. We want others to somehow fit an ideal of what we would have them be. If they would just change this or that, things would be better. And so, we tell them what we want them to do, and what we need from them to have them meet our ideal.

Think of this. When YOU want to change yourself, how difficult is that? Even when you sincerely want to do something differently, can you do it? How then can you expect others to change when the need for change is coming from you, not from within themselves? They must understand what you want them to change, agree that it is needed, and sincerely want to make the change. That’s asking a lot.

At best, we have the most control in changing ourselves. We must apply the same process of understanding what needs changed, convince ourselves to exert the energy to change, and then actually carry it out. This is not easy, but it is necessary if we are to progress on the Spirit Path.
When we have really achieved change, others will notice it. More importantly, when we have changed, others will change in response to the change. The more we change, the more the world changes around us.

How can the actions of one person, YOU, change the whole world around you? Because your changes will change your perceptions, and your perceptions make up your world.
We are all connected through fields of energy. We share the same universes, pass through the same forces, and are moved along our own paths.

When we truly change our perspectives, we can change our actions. It is these actions that make up our being. Words and thoughts, intentions and desires, concepts, theories, philosophies; all bear fruit in what we do. These actions create the realities that each of experience as our own world.

The only changes that we can make are those that we do to ourselves and for ourselves. In making these changes, we change the world for all that come in contact with us. We are linked together in our journey along the Spirit Path.

© Copyright 2023
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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