You are your Way, You are your Truth, You are your Light

One of the beliefs that nearly led me to not be a minister at the First Spiritualist Temple was based upon the statement attributed to Christ in the Bible: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.” The implication of this statement is that the Christians now replace the Jews as “God’s chosen people.” There is no group of people that are held more highly by the Creator of All that Is (COATI) than any other person or group. After some discussion on the Christ Consciousness versus Jesus The Christ concept, I studied for a year and was ordained.

Thus, we are all “children of  the Creator” and Jesus was one of those especially evolved Masters that came back to help lead us on the Spirit Path. There are hints of Jesus’ confirmation of this when He said that those that followed Him would do more than He had done with regard to healing, miracles and spiritual development. So far, this has not been obvious, but it has left open our divinity and continued development.

If we are each a child of the Creator, then we must each set out our own Spirit Path. We determine our own way to salvation and spiritual progress. We must find own way, determine our own truth. and be our own guiding light. We are responsible for our own spiritual progress, and we stay on the path as long as it takes.

Does this mean that we can each define good and evil, make up our own spiritual laws, and operate without thought of others? There are the natural laws that were set down in the creation. Any action that does not violate these laws is acceptable on the Spirit Path. Any action that does violate these laws will lead to a lesson that will help us better understand the applicable law.

What are some of the natural laws? Throughout all cultures, reproduction within one’s immediate family is prohibited. Failure to respect others and one’s self results in hatred and insecurity. Setting one’s self up as a superior being over any other being is against natural law.  Respect for a higher power as a source of All That Is occurs in nearly every culture, but the COATI does not require this to avoid any consequences. 

We are learning through science what the religious eastern teachers and the indigenous people  have known for millennium. Everything is connected and energy runs through everything in the creation. We can set our spirit path in any direction and accumulate energy to support this journey so long as we conform to the natural laws. There is boundless energy in the universe, and we can receive that energy with all of the creator’s blessing to help up on our spirit journey.

We are responsible that all of our actions conform to the natural way. Beyond that, We make our way, We define our own truth, and We carry our own light. As we do this, we carry out the purpose of all creation. That purpose is to fulfill the total potential of our journey back to God, the steps on the Spirit Path.

© Copyright 2023
Rev. Jim Hetzer

One thought on “You are your Way, You are your Truth, You are your Light

  1. Beautifully written, Rev. Jim!
    What you have done here is proven the truth of the declaration, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.”
    Let’s interpret this as Jesus saying, “I AM” … is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Every time we say, I AM a child of the Creator; I AM a healer for myself and others; I AM the director of my own soul path; I AM a keeper of natural law; I AM connected to all that is – we affirm exactly what JC (and JHetzer) intends for us.
    Nicely done!


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