Staying Centered and Staying Balanced

Balanced centered

The world has been changing since it was formed.  These changes apply to everything; human beings, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, the sky; everything.  It is hard to keep your balance in a constantly changing world.  The constant assault of negative news pushes us towards reactionary responses to things that may not affect us.  We have to look for positive events and occurrences to regain our balance. We must become centered by turning inward to achieve a perspective that accepts change as inevitable and always potentially good.

The latest upheaval is with COVID-19.  This is a serious situation that is having global implications.  There are daily briefings broadcast to most of the population of the US on the increase in medical cases and the increase in deaths.  While many have believed that global warming is “not our problem”, the whole world recognizes COVID-19 as “our problem” anywhere there are people.  Right now, the world is out of balance, which challenges our ability to be balanced.

Part of a strategy to stay centered is to pay attention to the reality around you.  Assuming that the world is good, but taking action to protect yourself against real dangers, is a good centering strategy.  There are people in the world that are facing daily attacks by wars, starvation, climate, disease, and isolation.  Even for these people, staying centered is key to their survival.

Staying centered is a faith-based initiative.  This is not faith in a particular religion.  The faith is that throughout existence, the Universe continues despite or because of the changes that occur.  If your religion helps you have faith that things will work out, that is good.  If you believe that there is an organizing energy in the Universe, this energy is helping direct the changes we experience.  The other part of these changes is the result of our own actions.

The more centered and balanced we are, the more centered and balanced the world becomes.  An effective practice of meditation is one that stops our minds from thinking.  This can be done in a variety of ways.  The important objective is to stop the internal chatter so that we can hear the “wee still voice” that comes from our intuition and our spirit guides to calm us and reassure us that these changes will pass.

One of the insights to be gained from solving the COVID-19 crisis is that when each individual works to minimize the spread of the virus, the whole world benefits.  When each person works to maintain their health, fewer deaths will occur due to the propagation of the disease.

We are globally One People.  COVID-19 is showing us that this is absolutely true.  COVID-19 is an equal opportunity entity when it comes to infecting the vulnerable to continue its existence.  Race, religion, color, sexual orientation, country of origin, and wealth are all ignored by the virus.  We are all in this together.

This change is a lesson in keeping balanced to maintain a useful life, and to stay centered to focus on working together to overcome this global change.  We each can do our part to make this a more positive world in the long term.  The world is made up of each person, and each person makes a difference.  Stay centered to stay balanced.  We’ll all be happier and healthier, which is the true purpose of our lives.





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