What COVID-19 is Telling Us

Stone Heart

I have a firm belief that everything that happens is in the Divine Plan.  The COVID-19 virus is showing the best and the worst reactions to this global pandemic.  We have learned that US citizens are focused on clean water and clean rear ends.  We have also learned that in times of crisis some will act with compassion and some will clear the shelves of bread and meat.

It is unclear how the virus got out of the lab in Wuhan, but it is pretty certain that China did not intend to inflict itself with the worst major threat to its economy in decades.  It is also clear that China has a pattern of denying major problems like SARA and COVID-19 until the situations are so dire that they cannot be ignored.  Our president is guilty of similar denials and delays until things can’t be ignored.

Trump contributed to the problems we face now by decimating the corps of infectious disease scientists in the CDC two years ago.  He then compounded and confused the problem by insisting that the virus would die when the weather warmed up in April, and denied the advice of his remaining senior staff in the CDC.  His diversions, denials and delays have resulted in the US now being number 3 in the world for COVID infections.

The US is not following the example of nearly every other developed country with regard to testing of the population.  The US jumped from #6 to #3 in world COVID cases in 24 hours.  Unless the US gets serious about testing every one to identify those carrying the virus, the situation is not going to get better soon.  Everything the country needs to maintain treatment of critically ill patients is promised by the CDC and FEMA as being delivered “soon”.

The whole world needs to take note of the fact that there are many countries in the world doing research to create biological weapons of mass destruction.  These countries include the US, China, North Korea, Canada, Sierra Leone, and Israel.  In January 2020, The Washington Post published an article that included the following statement.  “Tim Trevan, a biological safety expert based in Maryland, said most countries had largely abandoned their bioweapons research after years of work proved fruitless.”  There are a lot of people that disagree with this idea that nobody is working on biological weapons.

Here is a brief list of lessons that can be taken from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • All nuclear, biologic and chemical weapons research should be stopped now. Any country found to continue this research after December 31, 2020, should be tried for war crimes in the World Court with a mandated sentence of life in prison.
  • All viral illnesses must be reported upon discovery and restrictions on interactions of those that test positively for a virus must be quarantined.
  • Countries must provide the ability to test all members that meet a set of criteria established for that virus as leading indicators of infection.
  • The US failure to provide for testing, protective equipment for medical staff, adequate treatment facilities are all tied back to a president that put political interests before those of the US population, and to a military budget so large that the funding for these functions was severely hindered.

The world has now seen that the health and wellbeing of every country is interconnected through the global economy and global travel.  It is time for the citizens of the world to rise up against the military ambitions of the major powers in favor of a world that provides for the health and safety of all human beings.


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