Conquering Global Plagues

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The world is closer to the brink of disaster than at any time in recorded history.  Global climate change, nuclear stockpiles that can literally wipe out humanity, extensive starvation, political turmoil that includes drug wars, repressive dictatorships, mass influxes of refugees; these are all current or future disasters that can and will change the nature of the earth and all its inhabitants.

The global pandemics of Ebola, SARS, coronavirus and other diseases are no longer localized at their point of origin.  Swine flu, bird flu, malaria, and dengue fever are among the old and new causes of global deaths that directly linked to animals.  There are more and more problems that used to be “happening there” that are now “happening here”, and it is scary.

Many people don’t recognize that among the secular fundamentalists, the cause for concern centers on the global communications that have created havoc regarding control of their populations and rising health issue.  China tried to block the internet and still is struggling to keep Western influences out of there, but to no avail.  The inclusion of Western diets has led to huge increases in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and similar illnesses related to processed foods and high sugar and fat contents that now plague China, India, and throughout the Far East.

Drug use has been an issue throughout history, but it has become a cause of political crisis with people fleeing their homelands in search of a safer place to live and raise their families.  Global climate change has forced millions of people to flee to find food, water, and escape climate disasters tied to climate change.

For those religious fundamentalists that recall the Biblical plagues, this will all seem very familiar.  Today’s religious leaders appear to have forgotten the fates of those that defy care for the people and compliance with whatever religion they represent.  The Golden Rule exhibits the highest common denominator among world religions.

Failure to follow the commandment to love thy neighbor as you love yourself is flaunted by the wealthy, governments, and individuals.  Most people have failed to recognize that the foundation of the Golden Rule is to love yourself, and then treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself.  We each are personally responsible to do whatever we can to help everyone be happy and free wherever we are, and wherever they are.

There is an example of the consequences of a person with incredible power and great wealth wreaking havoc on the world because of a personal lack of self-love and self-respect.  There are few places in the world that have experienced as many natural disasters in recent years as the United States.  We have earthquakes, huge fires, frequent 100-year floods, tornadoes, angry and desperate people doing mass killings, record prison populations, record drug deaths, and the list goes on.

If you believe in Divine retribution, you cannot ignore the consequences of the actions we have seen exhibited by all levels of people in the US.  These plagues on the US are not the sole responsibility of one person, or the federal government, or what has happened in the last few years.  Our status in the world as the example of compassion and protector of those in need is gone for now.  It is time for the people to reclaim their power against the excesses of government, the 1%, and each other.

It remains to be seen what the consequences are of 51 people that swore an oath to address a serious problem on a fair and impartial basis.  Their oath ended with “so help me God”.  They did not take this oath seriously.  We will experience the consequences of deliberately ignoring the will of the majority of people, and the total conformance in defying their own oath to God.  The other 49 people are not without blame in this circus of fools.

Both secular and religious organizations need to address the global and local issues that make this world an increasingly dangerous and hostile place.  If we do not address the inequities of wealth, the poor will continue to rise up everywhere.  If we do not solve the problems where they originate, the world will share the consequences.  War has never been the answer in the long term.

In answer to the question about what has caused the global plagues we are experiencing; we are the cause.  Unless we wake up, stand up, speak up and focus on doing good for every person in the world, we will be breathing the ashes of the destruction of our world as we know it.

We can do better.  We must do better, or we will experience the end of our existence.  It is up to us to force the changes that those in power have created.  For the US, we must return to a government that responds to the needs and will of all the people.  We must work together to “Make America America Again”.

YOU are personally responsible to be a part of that change.  May the Universe cooperate in helping us save ourselves from our own actions.  We will prevail if we love our self and one another and act accordingly.  The world has to work for everyone.




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