Path to Spiritual Happiness

DCF 1.0

It is suggested that you read this from the bottom up.
It all begins with YOU!

Tidy up
Lighten Up
Trust others
Trust yourself
Trust the Divine
Let go of the past
Give up your hurts
Nurture relationships
Be who you already are
Do what makes you happy
Serve others; serve yourself.
Be kind to others and yourself
Do what you love; love what you do
Forgive everyone, especially yourself
Love the Creator and embrace the Light
Recognize and be grateful for what you have
Commit yourself to the happiness you deserve

© Copyright 2019
Rev. Jim Hetzer

These are affirmations that may be useful in helping you stay on your Path 

Affirmation for Living
I am a child of the Creator.
I am worthy of all good things.
I am grateful for God’s love.
Thank you, God, for everything.
Rev. Jim Hetzer

Spiritualist Golden Rule
I will do and say to myself
what I do and say to my best friend.
When I do this, I become
my new best friend.
Rev. Jim Hetzer

Rules of Association for Happiness
Be with people that make you happy and you can trust.
Be with people that you make happy and that trusts you.|
Avoid people that make you unhappy or you don’t trust.
Avoid people that you make unhappy or don’t trust you.
Rev. Jim Hetzer

Share these as you wish.  No copyright.

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