Don’t be afraid to be grateful

DCF 1.0

Some people that have achieved a goal are reluctant to acknowledge their progress.  Their fear of future failures overshadows the gratitude that they have for this success.  They often struggle with the thought that they are unworthy of the goodness the Universe has to offer.  They know they aren’t perfect.  Feeling good and being grateful appears to them to be an invitation to have something to undermine their achievements.

At the most basic level, we must feel in our heart of hearts that we are worthy, and be grateful for what we have accomplished.  This gratitude will be rewarded with continued success in what we are trying to do.  When the things we are trying to accomplish are beneficial to everyone, including ourselves, the Universe supports us in our efforts.

The Universe works to provide us with abundance and helps us accomplish our goals so long as what we are doing isn’t hurting our selves or others.  We are guided and protected as long as our intentions are with the overall good.  When we are grateful and we are doing our part, Spirit is helping us.

When a person’s life is great, it is a blessing to recognize the fullness of what this means.  In many cases, this blessing occurred through a change in beliefs that had them declare their worthiness.  This leads to faith that things will continue to be good and happiness will occur despite obstacles and setbacks that come and go.  The more we experience success and declare our gratitude, the more we are given.  Sometimes we fail, but our trust is maintained that we are worthy and we will overcome any difficulties.

Life is a journey and it has hills and valleys.  Sometimes climbing the hill is difficult.  Sometimes we are on top of the hill and we have to climb back down.  Sometimes we are on top of the hill and the world around us is beautiful and everything that we imagined.  Savor each moment wherever you are on the journey.  Be grateful that you are fulfilling your journey and that you are happy with where you are.

Gratitude for what we have provides us support in continuing to improve our lives.  Faith allows us to overcome challenges and go forward with gratitude for where we are and the changes we are making.  Know that you are never alone unless you choose that path.  You have the support of Spirit to move you upward and ahead.  Be grateful and trust that you are heading in the right direction.  Go forward without fear.  You are a child of the Creator and your gratitude will carry you forward on your spiritual journey.


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