Road Signs on the Spirit Path


You may wonder where you are heading regarding spiritual development. Your interest in getting through these first few pages show your interest in spiritual growth. If all goes well, this may be a small help to you in finding your Spirit Path. There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

You should know that the spiritual teachers are disguised in many different forms. Some spiritual teachers are in fact ministers, priests, educators; schoolteachers, professors. But some are janitors, taxi drivers, lawyers, housewives who teach Sunday school. You will know them by how they live their lives and their words of love and helpfulness. Do not shun them for lack of credentials. Spiritual diplomas are suspect at best.

Another sign of your readiness to go forward may be in a changing of friends, associates, and attitudes that you are already experiencing. You will begin to see things differently, and to question yourself about what you are doing. As you become more aware, there is a tendency to be very, very self-judgemental.  You are a human being, and we all make mistakes.  Fix what you can, but keep moving forward and looking up.

There is great joy in going forward together with someone you know. There may be sorrow in finding that you are going a different direction that will lead you apart from past friends or loved ones. Whether in joy or sorrow, you will find that you your journey is worth making.  You will gain new friends and find support and guidance as you move along.

If the time is truly right for you to tread the Spirit Path, you will go forward with determination and focus. You will form your personal Ideal, find a group of others pursuing development and begin the journey in earnest. Some will only go a short distance now. Others are returning to continue their  journey. A few are here as Guides and Teachers to the rest of us. As you progress, you will be called upon to help those who are beginning their journey beside you.

While you are working with your group, there is another group that is ready, ever willing and able to help those here to progress. The Spirit Guides and Teachers are available for those who are seeking the Way. They provide information to help you to progress, prosper and develop according to your unique, Divine Plan. You will learn to ask for their special assistance, and how to receive this knowledge for your progress and to help others.  Quiet your mind through meditation and contemplation and you will fine the Wee Still Voices there to guide you.

Travel upon this journey in love, peace, grace, and spiritual purpose.  The Creator loves everyone, and everyone has an portion of the Creator within them.

This is the Essence of Being
Thinking lives in the Mind.
Knowing lives in the Heart.
Loving lives in the Soul.
This defines what we are.

Go forward with Grace and Peace.



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