Walk Before Running



Finding others who are seeking development is not as difficult as you may think. Spiritualist churches, New Age forums and bookstores, and those whom you will be drawn to will assist you. You need to direct your attention to likely places for finding these people. While it is not impossible that you will find others seeking the Spirit Path in a bar or club, it is somewhat less likely than at a church, someone walking in Nature, or participating in a discussion group.

If we are to seek external assistance from the Masters, Spirit Guides and Teachers, and they are not in physical existence, we need to find the “spiritual connection”. There have been spontaneous awakenings recorded where these contacts were achieved by a single person without guidance or other intervention. It is more likely that an “earth guide”, spiritualist minister or medium, will be needed to get you started in contacting these helpers for your development. 

Another effective way to get spiritual information is to quiet your mind through meditation.  Meditation can be achieved by many different approaches such as focused breathing, prayers, mantras, or mandalas (sacred diagrams).  The key is that meditation should stop your normal thinking.  Whatever comes into your mind when you are not thinking is coming from an external source which is often called the Wee Still Voice.  You will find that this is very similar to intuition, but more clearly directed from an external source.  You will also learn to discern whether a particular message is “from the light” because not all spiritual communication is from a reliable source.

It is very, very important that you get started with the right Ideal and objectives for spiritual development. There are major groups that discourage any spiritualist contact or development of psychic abilities. My experience was that the psychic abilities were a natural part of the spiritual growth from meditation and contemplation. The issue is really how you are going to use these natural gifts to help yourself and others to grow spiritually, be physically healthy and materially prosperous. Remember, first and foremost, YOU are responsible for your own actions and consequences.

Psychic messages come through the same energy channels as what we normally call intuition. When we are focused on spiritual ideals, the messages do not become garbled by our physical desires, self-interest, or ego. As you meet in your group, the first information that you receive may seem too faint to be of much use. A very helpful comment from a spiritual teacher was that these messages aren’t like full length movies.  The more you practice your meditation and listen for the messages, the more proficient you will become.  This is a gift from the Creator that can be developed.  If you use the Bible as a source of information, II Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 list prophesy and healing as two of several gifts from the Creator.

The messages you receive may be a few words, an image, or just a feeling that conveys guidance for you or another person.  Receiving spiritual information is not necessary for development on the path. However, I believe that all beings continue to exist in and out of physical reality. Our souls develop and progress. Some departed souls devote part of their continuing existence to helping those on the earth plane to develop. If you choose to use these helpers, be sure you are doing so for the development of yourself and others.

There will be a lot of satisfaction when you realize your new perspectives and capabilities are making you happier and wiser.  Others will notice the changes in your understanding, your focus on making good choices in your life, and your willingness to help others and yourself be a better person.  This is part of developing on the Spirit Path.

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