First Steps to develop your Path

End of the Road 550

 One of the more recent people to tread the Spirit Path was a man by the name of Edgar Cayce. There are many books about Edgar Cayce, and about the information that he gave to help those in need. Edgar Cayce was a spirit medium. He went into trance and received information for physical, mental, and spiritual healing of others from the Masters, Spirit Guides and Teachers. He did this for the good of others and gave out knowledge that was beyond him when he was out of trance and in normal consciousness.

Edgar Cayce believed that the first and most important step in each person’s spiritual development was to focus upon a personal Ideal. This Ideal is your own determination of what your purpose is for existence at this time. While others may help you look for this Ideal, this Ideal must be your own.

A second important concept is that YOU are responsible for your own development on the Spirit Path. Each person is responsible for their own happiness or unhappiness as they live out their lives according to the natural laws. This occurs as we each live in peace or conflict with the Way things are meant to be.

The laws of nature do not change from year to year, country to country, or person to person. The Way is the combination of the natural laws that determine how God’s creations unfold. The Chinese description of the Way is called Tao. The Old Testament definitions of The Way were in the Ten Commandments. The New Testament definition of The Way is in the Golden Rule, with indirect reference to the first of the Ten Commandments. Before any of these laws were spoken, written or heard, there was the Creator Of All That Is (COATI) and the Spirit Path. YOU must find your own Way upon the path; no one else can do this for you.

There are many different approaches to learning the natural laws. The “holy books” such as the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, and Koran all have useful information. There are other books that many will not be recognized are of similar usefulness. Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Zen Flesh, Zen Bones have inspired me upon the path. Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts is an amazing book. The comic strip B.C. has had moments of divine truth and inspiration.

Another key idea to use in developing your Spirit Path is the concept of the Cosmic Giggle. We are meant to be prosperous, healthy and happy.  Some things that happen are beyond our understanding.  Whatever happened was meant to happen if you believe in Divine Intervention.  Some of these things will be so ironic that you have to make a choice to accept this concept of the Cosmic Giggle in order to move along on your Path.

© Copyright 2023
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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