Introduction to The Spirit Path



If I were attempting to write this book on my own, I would not know how to begin. I believe that I have received help from Masters, Spirit Guides and Teachers that have gone before me upon the Spirit Path. The purpose of this book is to help myself and others develop into higher beings that better fulfill the Creator’s purpose and lead us closer together as Spirit Beings.

In some ways this will be a “psychic manual”. If you are looking for a method to win at the track or at the lottery, I hope you read the introduction before you buy the book. Save the book money for bets or lottery tickets. Good luck on your quest for material wealth.

The information will be focused upon spiritual growth and using your gifts to serve yourself, the Creator and the created. Part of the creation is human beings, but our responsibility goes beyond helping ourselves or other people. We are responsible for those who will arise from the earth after we have returned to dust. This is the plant and animal kingdom, as well as the physical and spirit world.  We are the caretakers of all that follows; humans, animals, Nature, and the Earth.

Some of the concepts will be based upon the creed of the spiritualist churches. A version of the Spiritualist Creed is in the back of the book. My personal beliefs do not refute Christianity, but they are not solely tied to them. I have expressed this as a belief in the Creator that was before any “local heroes” on earth. These higher beings include Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Black Elk and many other Teachers. I do not believe that all of the holy people are of the past. We are all holy and progressing towards the Creator Of All That Is (COATI).

You may equate the Creator to the concept of God. God is the sum of all creation and is beyond the wildest images and symbols that any human being can conceive.

The source of the Creator of All That Is (COATI)  is unknowable, beyond anything but direct experience and belief. I have been blessed by the direct experience of Spirit. Part of the purpose of this book will be to lead you to the same direct experience that goes beyond belief to acceptance. God is, and you are part of God’s creation. Begin your journey on the Path and continue forever.

This is a poem that summarizes the guidance of the Spirit Path..

Who We Are
Thinking lives in the mind.
Knowing lives in the heart.
Loving lives in the soul.
This describes who we are.

© Copyright 2023
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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