2020 Blindness Revealed

Stone Heart

The poem below discusses the events that have recently awakened the world to the consequences of racism, economic inequality, and those seeking to remain in power, upon the world.  2020 Blindness Revealed is one of a sequence of poems that include  Who Are We, Really? and The Gift of COVID.  We need to discuss and understand the events that have led us to be where we are.

2020 Blindness Revealed

For our physical eyes,
20/20 is the standard
for defining visual acuity
to see the world around us.

For our spiritual eyes,
it took COVID-19
and the death of
George Floyd

to open these inner eyes
and hearts to the injustice
that surrounded us,
but remained unnoticed.

COVID takes the lives of
the poor, the old, the weak;
those with shades of skin
black, red, white, or brown.

When a camera phone caught
the murder of George Floyd
by a cop leaning on his neck,
the world gasped at this image.

The illusions of rightness
and righteousness of the US
were revealed to the world
as lethal prejudice and hatred.

COVID and George Floyd
have caused the world to awaken;
wide-eyed and angry at the US,
and to these acts in their own land.

This time, the world has changed.
This is the beginning of a new world
that has discovered that the ideals
of a just world are not met

by the wealthy, the greedy,
the prejudiced, and the sleepy.
Now is the time to wake up
and stand up for justice and equality.

Each person on this earth
is a child of the Creator.
It is time to love one another
and then learn to love our selves.

© Copyright 2020
Rev. Jim Hetzer

We must unite to place global priorities on justice and equality for everyone.  This is going to be a bitter journey that must be taken.  Those who have no respect or love for themselves are afraid of those that are different.  Those that have wealth and power do not want to share their bounty.  We must work to create a global consciousness that will allow everyone everywhere an opportunity for peace and happiness.

© Copyright 2020
Rev. Jim Hetzer




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