Guidance to Passing


Many years ago, there was a woman named Terry that progressed from breast cancer to metastasized bone cancer very quickly.  She was very much alone, with no family and few friends.  I became the person that took her meals, and also provided her friendship.  Her cancer progressed so rapidly that planned chemotherapy was interrupted when she broke her femur while walking across her living room.

We would often talk about her disease and the ultimate outcome.  One evening, we had a conversation about her dying and her death.  She told me she was afraid, and we had a conversation that resulted in this poem, Guidance to Passing.

Guidance to Passing

“I am scared,” she said.
“Why are you afraid?” I asked.
“I don’t know what will happen”, she replied.
“It will be all right,” I said.

“How do you know?” she asked.
“Because Spirit tells me”, I replied.
“What does Spirit say?”, she asked.
“It will be all right”, I replied.

“Who are these spirits?”, she asked.
“They are your grandparents,
and your departed friends,
and the Masters”, I replied.

“How will they know me?”, she asked.”
“They have always been with you”, I replied.
“Are you sure they will know me?”, she asked.
“They will know you by the love in your heart”, I replied.

“Are you sure?”, she asked.
“I am very sure.
Do not be afraid;
just follow the light”, I said.

“What if I can’t see the light?”, she asked.
“The light will surround you.
It is the light of God.
That light never goes away”, I replied.

“When will I pass?”, she asked.
“When your soul is ready,
your Guides and Angels will visit you
when it is time to go.”, I replied.

“Do you know this is true?”, she asked.
“Oh yes, I will follow you.
All of us are on the same journey.
You are just leading the way.”, I said.

“I will miss you,” she said.
“And, I will miss you, too.
Close your eyes and rest.
Your journey is just beginning.”
I said and closed my eyes.

© Copyright 2023
Rev. Jim Hetzer

Terry did a very brief stay at Kobacher House in Columbus, OH.  I was allowed to visit her during her brief stay there at any time.  I asked to be called when she was passing.  I got the call and was there in a few minutes, but Terry was gone.  I combed her hair and said a prayer for her safe passage.  In her last days, she was not afraid of dying.  Terry passed in 2011.  I still think fondly of her.

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