The Gift of COVID

VertigoThe theory that all things come from God, and that all things work out for the greater good is not easy to understand or accept.  For those people whose family members, friends, and associates have died from COVID, it is clearly a tragedy.  For the world-at-large, it has made us recognize that we are all connected and we must work together.

In this brief time of COVID, the environment is improving, the global economy is collapsing, many people are showing amazing courage to take care of the sick, and many more are doing acts of great kindness.  We are all now seeing the inequities of wealth being revealed with higher death rates among the poor, the homeless, the incarcerated, and the healers among us.  Most people are doing good, but some are still self-serving and uncaring regarding the greater good.  They will now follow a different path.

Because COVID does serve the Universal Good, COVID is a gift to all of us to wake up and help to create a kinder, gentler world that works for everyone.

The Gift of COVID

COVID is a killer.
COVID is a terror.
COVID is a gift from Source
changing this world forever.

We are closer now
because we have seen
we’re in this together,
more than we’ve ever been.

Source makes no judgments
of right or wrong.
Source provides the lessons,
we must ride along.

Let us be grateful
for there is tomorrow.
Let us be compassionate
for all others’ sorrows.

The Source is here now.
The Source switched on the light.
The Source said to wake up
and do things that are right.

We can be glad
that COVID is here.
We know things will work out.
Keep the faith.  Have no fear.

There is no going back
to the way that we were.
The past has vanished.
We are now going from here.

© Copyright 2020
Rev. Jim Hetzer

3 thoughts on “The Gift of COVID

  1. After talking with several people, the consensus is that you have requested money from many people with different stories. I have blocked you on Facebook, and I will do the same with my blog. Good luck.


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