Stop US Nuclear Hypocrisy


The US is on a mission to keep North Korea and Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  The sanctions levied against North Korea and Iran to attempt to force them to give up their nuclear weapons program is unconscionable.  The results of these sanctions have been the starvation of North Korean citizens, and major hardships against citizens of Iran.  This is nuclear hypocrisy because the US has the biggest stockpile and the most actively deployed nuclear weapons in the world.  Those countries that have nuclear weapons that are not in the current Iran non-proliferation treaty are also contributing to this hypocrisy.

The warmongers among the advisers of President Trump encouraged him to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear non-proliferation treaty despite the support of the US allies that participated in the establishment of the treaty, and their assertion that Iran had lived up to their commitments.  The US withdrawal has led Iran to resume production of weapons-grade nuclear fuels that exceed the agreed-upon limits set in the existing nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Iran.

In addition to pulling out of the Iran treaty, Trump has now withdrawn the US from a treaty with Russia to limit the development of intermediate-range nuclear missiles.  Subsequently, the US has announced a program to develop new intermediate-range nuclear-armed missiles, and Russia has promised to reciprocate.  This is all a scheme of the Trump warmongers and the military-industrial complex to start a new arms race so that trillions of dollars can continue to be spent on “defense” spending.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) issues an extensive report on armaments, disarmament, and global security each year.  The SIPRI 2019 Summary Report provides the following information:

“The USA increased its military spending for the first time in seven years to reach $649 billion in 2018. Spending by the USA accounted for 36 per cent of world military spending and was 2.6 times more than the next highest spender, China. The rise in US military spending can be attributed to two factors: a 2.4 per cent increase in the salaries of military personnel; and the implementation of large and costly conventional and nuclear arms acquisition programmes.”

The Federation of American Scientists provided the following information.

“Approximately 93 percent of all nuclear warheads are owned by Russia and the United States who each have around 4,000 warheads in their military stockpiles; no other nuclear-armed state sees a need for more than a few hundred nuclear weapons for national security:

There are an estimated 1750 nuclear weapons deployed by the US, and 1600 nuclear weapons deployed by Russia as of May 2019.

The US and the rest of the world should be working to eliminate all nuclear capabilities.  In addition to the recognized nuclear powers of the US, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, and North Korea, Israel is known to have nuclear weapons.

North Korea has nuclear weapons deployed in their region by every one of the countries listed with the exception of the UK, France, and Israel.  It would be extremely naïve to assume that the US does not have nuclear submarines parked in the Pacific Ocean that are aimed at North Korea.

Iran is in a similar position of vulnerability with regard to sworn enemies in the region with existing or potential nuclear weapons capability.  Trump has proposed selling nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.  Israel has a stockpile of over 100 nuclear weapons and delivery systems of rockets and bombers that can easily reach Iran.  The US has military installations surrounding Iran and naval vessels with nuclear weapons available to deploy against Iran within hours.

It is time that the United Nations make the elimination of nuclear weapons its top priority.  Sanctions by the US against sovereign foreign powers to attempt to force these powers to give up their nuclear arms development is illegitimate as long as the US and other nuclear powers maintain their stocks of weapons.  The election of Trump as president and his subsequent actions to make the world more dangerous has allowed the world a clearer view of the US ambitions of global dominance.

US citizens must pressure Congress to reprioritize the spending of tax revenues away from spending on wars that are alleged to be against terrorists in favor of investing in the US domestic requirements to support the continued prosperity of US citizens, and the reduction of the record national debt that will hamper future generations.  The paranoia that has been promoted regarding threats to US sovereignty is now leading to a Space Force and the bankrupting of US economic stability and moral values.  Unless the US gives up its hypocritical initiatives to maintain its nuclear superiority, the world will continue to be in increasing danger of nuclear destruction.

If you are a citizen of the US, it is time to WAKE UP! STAND UP! SPEAK UP! VOTE!!!  If you are not a US citizen, it is time to pressure your government to invoke pressure through the United Nations to make the destruction of all nuclear weapons among the highest priorities.  The other top priorities include global climate change and the distribution of wealth in third world countries that is leading to the global immigration crisis.



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