Getting it Straight

Stone Heart

We all struggle; sometimes more and sometimes less.  We may feel that we are alone despite having a lot of people around.  One of the things that creates a lot of stress is trying to live up to someone else’s expectations.  If we know clearly who we are and what we stand for, we can ignore a lot of outside comments.  It is the purpose of each of us to determine why we are here and do our best to do what we feel we are supposed to do.  It sounds easy, but it may still be hard to live our life as we see fit.  We can do this.

Getting it Straight

It’s lonely out here
in inner space
surrounded by strangers,
I’m way out of place.

It’s way too hard
to be anyone else
so I’ve decided
I’ll just be myself.

I can’t get ahead
if I’m looking back.
I’ve come this far.
I’m on the right track.
I’ve got my story;
and so do you.
We need to live our lives
doing what we can do.

It’s better to be here
wherever we are.
It’s better to live with a dream
than to wonder in doubt.

© Copyright 2018
Rev. Jim Hetzer

2 thoughts on “Getting it Straight

    1. Jerry, Linda and I were talking about you this evening. I hope that all is well with you. I am enjoying writing, and I am going to a very high energy Center for Spiritual Living. They have the best church music I have ever heard and frequent events after service. Take care.


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