Walking on Ice

There are similarities between meeting challenges in daily living and meeting challenges in progressing on our Spirit Path.  This poem connects the unknowns of walking on ice with the encounters on our journey through life.

Walking on Ice 010616

Walking on Ice

Each step is unknown
beneath the snow on ice.
Each step requires total attention
to our balance and footing.

This walking on ice is not unlike
walking the Spirit Path.
There is an element of uncertainty in each step,
but the journey must be taken.

It is exhilarating to have to focus
on each and every movement.
We are not just trudging along
unaware of our footsteps through life.

A bare patch of ice is a relief
because you know you have to be careful.
Sometimes it is better to know the danger
than to fear the unknown uncertainty.

On pure ice, it is better to skate along
with feet deliberately sliding.
When we have a crisis,
the way is often well defined.

At other times, the brittle snow crunches
to provide safe footing.
Difficulties soften so that
we can carry on with less effort.

So it is through our lives;
We must choose the path that has
the surest footing to move us ahead.
Each step is different; each step is the same.

Walking on ice,
traveling through life times,
each journey requires our devotion
to detail and every moment attention.

© Copyright 2012
Rev. Jim Hetzer


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