Goodbye Maple

Our pets are examples of unconditional love.  When they grow old, it takes our unconditional love to help them pass when their lives become painful.  When I asked my veterinarian when I should have Maple put down, she replied, “Whenever you are ready.”  Maple had multiple strokes and finally fell down the carpeted basement steps.  Then, it was time for her to go.

The attached picture is of another pet, Ava, that was a faithful friend until she was diagnosed with cancer.  She also “had to go”.  One of the sad facts of our society is that we cannot make the choice for ourselves that we can for our pets to end our own suffering, with the exception of Oregon, California, Colorado, Washington, DC, and Vermont.

 DCF 1.0

 Goodbye Maple

 It was an act of love
that had us help you
separate your soul
from your crippled body.

 We had hoped that
you would pass on your own,
but your heart was strong
and your will was great.

You were so full of life
until age stalked you,
caught you, and maimed
with a vicious stroke.

 We held you and mourned
that we were involved
with extinguishing your life.
You will live with us for as long as we are.

 © Copyright 2004
Jim Hetzer
March 3, 2004

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