Looking for the Creator


One definition of an atheist is “a person that does not believe in a deity”.  The term God or deity is so pre-loaded with meaning based upon particular religions that “higher power” or “Creator of All That Is” (COATI) are more useful descriptions.  In general, all of the descriptions of God are based upon characteristics of human beings applied to a higher power.   The declarations that” my God is the true god” and “my religion is preferred to your religion by my God” would be laughable until we recognize the many wars still being fought because of these statements.

This author’s belief in a higher being is based upon the miracle of the Universe that is of totally unknown origin.  If you look up the Big Bang Theory, the investigators of this theory readily admit that they are clueless of anything before the Big Bang event with regard to the source of all of the energy in the Universe or what may or may not have set it off.  Somehow that energy “became” and then the energy was organized into various levels and forms.

The idea that the Universe is self-organizing is validated by observed events.  Without intelligence being applied, the Universe would be moving towards lower levels of energy and organization.  In thermodynamics, this is called the law of entropy.  Those that believe in evolution generally avoid the issue of where the whole evolutionary chain started.  Since we are, and will remain, clueless about the source of the energy that ends up being the Universe, we can classify this topic under “Unknown and Unknowable”.

All of us are included in the Creation. The evolution of humans and everything else starts from an unknown source and somehow ended up with where we are.  We are the product of the Creator of All That Is, and there is no scientific explanation of how we got here or where here actually begins or ends.

There is a higher power of unknown origin and characteristics that organized the energy and set up the rules of existence.  The COATI does not favor any particular religion or country on this earth.  This Creator of All That Is represents the higher deity to me, and thus I am not an atheist.

As a proof that this higher power has a sense of humor, which I call the Cosmic Giggle, we have the huge sun, much smaller earth, and the tiny moon positioned in space so that at given times they can appear to blot each other out when viewed here on earth.  It is a reminder of the wonderful organization that we magically can observe. 

Accept that there are things that are unknowable and take comfort that these things exist whether they can be proven, or not.  It is recommended that we focus on achieving our godhood and forget about our differences.  I believe that there is a higher power, and that power belongs to all.  Live spiritually and Go with Grace and Peace.

2 thoughts on “Looking for the Creator

  1. Outstanding essay, Rev. Jim. Very interesting and informed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, as always.


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