Spiritualism is at the Center of Creation

Eye of the Storm

Spiritualism is a philosophy that has defined principles, but no spiritual leaders as are found in Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and many of the other religions.  The first principle of spiritualism is a belief that there is a higher power that is responsible for the creation.  This higher power is responsible for Nature and all that nature encompasses.  I have called this higher power referenced in spiritualism as COATI, which stands for the Creator of All That Is.

COATI is an organizing energy whose origin is unknown and unknowable, just as is true for the origin of the Universe.  Each religion has its creation story, and each of these explanations of how we got here is as useful as the next.  In general, the followers of conventional religions evolved their story to promise a better result in life if you obeyed their rules, and nasty consequences if you failed to hail their leader and follow their dogma.  Most religions have ceremonies or beliefs that absolve your actions if you follow their religion.  Spiritualism has no “get out of hell free” card.

Science keeps trying to define how the Universe was created and how it evolved.  There are questions about the origin of the Universe that stumps science now and forever.  These questions extend beyond and before the Big Bang myth.  What was the source of the energy that became the Universe?  What organized that immense amount of energy to form the Universe?

The origination of COATI is unknown and unknowable, but the existence is proven by the fact that we are here.  The Universe is an infinitely complex system that constantly interacts with entities in the system, but never runs out of energy.  If COATI were not an organizing energy, the Universe would have disintegrated due to the principle of entropy.   Science has postulated and eventually found a particle called the Higgs bosnn, which was nicknamed the God Particle, and declared that the Higgs bosun allowed all other particles to have mass.  The Higgs boson particle exists, but does little to explain its origin or that of any other energy or mass.  By definition, the Creator of All That Is created everything, but science can’t prove COATI’s existence or non-existence.

Science may postulate that there is an end to all existence, but given that science cannot determine the beginning of the Universe, there is no reason to accept their theories of an end.  There is a theory that the Universe is expanding.  That could be true, but it could also just be a cycle of expansion that may exhibit contraction in the infinite future.

You will know that you are at the center of the creation when you appreciate Nature; respect all beings that are part of the creation; are secure enough to define your own Spirit Path, and recognize that you have contributed to the creation of all that is. COATI has created you and is always in you and all other beings.  We are from one creator and essential to complete all that is.  Go with Grace and Peace.


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