Lessons from observing insecure people – Revised


The last year has provided an unusual opportunity to learn lessons from the actions of others.  We have seen gross examples of people in power acting in their own interests, and we have seen the results of these actions.  An intelligent person learns from the results of their actions.  A wise person learns from the results of others’ actions.  It is often better to be wise than smart.  The revised version adds some issues that I have observed that I have to overcome if possible.

  1.  Great power and huge wealth do not create happiness.
  2.  Refusal to admit mistakes forces massive lying.
  3.  Lack of self-respect leads to racism and deprecation of others.
  4.  Egotism is a camouflage for weakness and lack of self-confidence.
  5.  Those that do not love their selves become bullies or doormats.
  6.  Those without self-respect are easily manipulated by false praise of others.
  7.  Bullies are easily bullied when a weakness is exploited by other bullies.
  8.  The inability to accept the consequences of one’s actions leads to greater loss.
  9. Focusing solely on doing everything for your own benefit leads to isolation and loneliness.
  10. Those that speak lies are exposed by their actions.
  11.  The insistence that everything you do is better than another person is a gateway to ignorance and is impossible.
  12. Making every disagreement a personal affront creates a barrier to achieving improvements.
  13. Insecure people in positions of power force others to support unjustifiable actions.

© Copyright 2018
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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