Grandma Luna’s Goodbye

I have a friend from many years ago.  I met her in a restaurant in Dallas where she was helping her grandmother.  We lost track of each other for many, many years before reconnecting.  When I heard her grandmother had passed over the rainbow, I wrote this poem.

Grandmother Luna’s Goodbye

She stands in the rays of her namesake
looking out far beyond time and space.
She faces the West Wind to remind her
of the Great Spirit’s resting place.

The moon ascends as the sun is falling.
The sky is blue with diamond points of light.
Grandmother Luna casts a moon shadow
that is a reflection of the peace of the night.

Weep not for Grandmother Luna’s departure.
She rests in the heavens above.
She watches your every movement.
She remembers you for your great Love.

When you laugh, she laughs with you.
When you cry, she utters a sigh.
She knows of your great love for her.
It is a love that will never die.

She stands in the light of the sunrise,
She greets each newborn day.
You need not grieve at her passing.
She is only a moment away.

Talk with your Grandmother when you need her.
She is there now as before.
Listen to her soft whisper.
She is just outside your heart’s door.

Jim Hetzer
© Copyright 2010
All rights reserved.

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