How to live more painfully and die sooner

There is a lot of advice on how to become healthier by avoiding certain diseases that help you live longer.  We generally ignore that advice.  We know what we should be doing to be healthier and live longer.  This article provides advice on how to get sicker and die younger.  If you are serious about living a shorter life with more pain, follow the suggestions below.  If you want to live healthier and longer, don’t do anything suggested in this article.

If we are looking for a way to live shorter and die painfully, the diseases of choice are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Many of the same life choices cause any or all of these diseases.  Those that have diabetes, cancer or heart disease would not choose to “get” these diseases.  There are genetic components of these diseases, and some people get diabetes, cancer or heart disease because of a family history.  Age is also a factor as the body wears out.

Bad choices raise the risk of these diseases substantially.  This article is about poor life choices that lead to getting diabetes, cancer or heart disease, or making the conditions worse. The focus will be on how to get diabetes, but much of this bad advice applies to getting cancer or heart disease.  Cancer prefers to feed on glucose (sugar), and heart disease is greatly increased if you become obese or do not exercise.

Diabetes works slowly in the beginning.  It requires a little daily pain for blood sugar testing, which can be avoided by not testing.  Over time, diabetes may include loss of sight, amputation of fingers, toes and legs.  Diabetes speeds up the death process drastically when the kidneys stop working.  Long-term dialysis is another challenge for many diabetics.  Obesity can be either a cause or an effect of diabetes.

We are going to limit advice on how to live shorter and die sooner from diabetes to a few key points. 

  1. Maximize the consumption of sugar. If processed foods are the major part of the diet, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is already a large part of what is eaten.  Eating foods that digest quickly and have high sugar is an excellent choice for becoming diabetic, e.g. Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes™ is a sugar addicts dream.  It is also a popular breakfast food for children.Drinking sugary drinks is another path to diabetes.  If you can get soft drinks made in Mexico, which has the highest rate of diabetes in the world, they have the most sugar.  HFCS is now being used in some Mexican sodas.  Substitute Coca Cola or Pepsi if Mexican soft drinks or southern sweet tea is unavailable.  The carbonation and acids in any “soft drink” will speed damaging the kidneys.  Most fruit juices contain large quantities of sugar or HFCS and minimal juice. These are also popular breakfast and snack foods for children.

    The body makes insulin in the pancreas.  When an increase in blood sugar is detected, the pancreas produces insulin.  The insulin circulates in the blood and causes the cells in the body to consume the sugar.  Over time, the cells get tired of responding to the insulin and they resist the intrusion of the insulin.  Insulin resistance is a part of being diabetic.  The pancreas may also get tired of responding to bursts of sugar, and slow or stop making insulin.  It turns out that the cells and organs also don’t want excessive exercise either.

  2. Keep exercise to a minimum. If there is no routine exercise, life is easier and diabetes is much more likely.  There is an intimate relationship among diet and exercise with obesity and diabetes.  Being overweight causes metabolic syndrome that leads to diabetes.  Lack of exercise, when combined with a high sugar diet, causes metabolic syndrome.  As more calories are eaten and not burned through exercise, weight increases.  Metabolic syndrome is a fancy way to describe the process of becoming diabetic.
    Exercise causes the body to burn energy.  The most available energy is found in sugar.  The body lowers blood sugar before it begins to burn fat.  If there is no fat available, the body burns protein.  Most bodies never consume protein due to exercise.  Sitting on the couch eating candy corn helps overcome any weight loss or burning blood sugar that will slow becoming diabetic.  Avoiding regular exercise keeps weight up and lets the heart avoid cardiovascular workouts.
  3. Maximize the consumption of “diet” products. This may seem like a contradiction.  Diet products have little or no sugar.  The sugar has been replaced with a shopping list of harmful chemicals.  There is evidence that eating artificial sweeteners kills the good flora in our intestines, which then leads to metabolic syndrome in a different way that contributes to diabetes and heart disease.  Read the labels of what you are eating and drinking to see what else is in the product besides real food and pure water.The food processors help cause diabetes by extensive use of sugar and HFCS that has a direct link to diabetes.  As an alternative path to diabetes, the FDA has approved the use of sugar substitutes that kill useful bacteria and contain harmful chemicals that lead to metabolic syndrome that then causes diabetes.

    Diet products are a slower way to diabetes for many people.  This especially true for obese people drinking diet sodas in an attempt to eat healthier. Diet foods are generally full of chemicals that are toxic over time. These chemicals compromise the immune system and interfere with the brain’s normal function of controlling appetite.

The National Institute of Health issued an article that updates information on metabolic syndrome



  1. Maximize the quantity of unhealthy foods. Nothing contributes to becoming diabetic as much as being overweight.  With the exception of people that have bad genes that were inherited, diabetes can be avoided.  A steady diet of high calories and low nutrition value foods will maximize weight gain and compromise overall health.

Food processors advertise their products focused on what tastes good, not on making people healthy.  If a link can be made to sexual satisfaction through showing a beautiful person eating an expensive chocolate coated ice cream bar, so much the better.  Sugar Frosted Flakes and similar high sugar products are a great way to get your child on the road to diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

To make food more appealing, food processors make sugar and HFCS the major component of their foods.  They also add salt and MSG to add to the taste of the foods.  This increases food consumption while lowering costs that would result if the ingredients were healthier.  GMO foods are also cheaper, often have lower nutrient content, and help destroy the flora in the intestines that leads to metabolic syndrome.  All of this adds to weight, lower immunity, and speeds up getting diabetes.  Residual glyphosate and similar chemicals have been deemed to be likely carcinogenic by the World Health Organization.

If by chance, the decision is to avoid diabetes, we can reverse all of the above recommendations and reduce the odds in becoming diabetic.  If we are already diabetic, or have a strong history of diabetes in our families, we can reduce the effects of diabetes if we make smart life choices now.  The suggestions to help prevent diabetes apply to lowering the risk of getting cancer and heart disease.

The medical and pharmaceutical providers in the US are rarely focused on preventing diseases.  Doctors and pharmaceutical companies do not talk about curing diabetes or heart disease.  The advertisements and medical advice talk about reducing symptoms and slowing the progression of diseases.  Diet, exercise and stress reduction are the foundations of Eastern medicine that focuses on preventing and curing diseases.  Make the right choice.

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