Spiritual Poetry – Moving Forward on the Spirit Path

You don’t have to be a Christian to be a follower of Jesus.  Being a spiritualist does not interfere with any religion’s basic teachings.  You can learn about spiritualist principles off the Christian Spiritualist Temple website.  The principles have been modified slightly to account for incorporating Jesus’ teachings with spirituality.

This poem was written before the events in Charlottesville, VA and became part of a lecture on August 13, 2017 that focused on love.  You can be assured that the majority of supremacists and terrorists don’t love their selves.  When you truly love yourself, you are secure and do not have to conquer or put others down.

Moving Forward on the Spirit Path

Jesus said that His greatest teachings
were to simply love God
and to love your neighbor
as you love yourself.

Jesus was a crafty teacher.
His instructions were simple:
Easy to understand; hard to do.
The prayer that helps do this is also simple.

Let me love myself so that I can serve others.
Let me serve others so that I can love myself.
Loving myself and serving others
is the path to loving the Creator.

Loving one’s self is the foundation
for the ability to love all others, including God.
When we do this, we are Jesus’ follower.
When we fail to do this, we are not.

© Copyright 2017
Rev. Jim Hetzer
July 22, 2017

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