Spiritual Poetry – Eagle Soaring

Many fear change.  Many fear failure.  We must face these fears to progress upon the Spirit Path.  Sometimes we are pushed into unexpected situations to challenge us, and to make us take the leap.

Eagle Soaring

That eagle you see
soaring on hidden currents
without motion, seemingly without effort,
was once terrified.

As an eaglet,
it peered above the nest
and gasped in panic
at the great distance to the ground.

Its now mighty talons
clutched at twigs in the nest
desperately resisting the nudging
of the mother eagle.

With a shove of its head,
the mother eagle pushed the eaglet
into space beyond all comfort,
and the eaglet flew.

Make the leap.
Soar above the clouds of doubt.
Ride the currents of your destiny.
Be an eagle soaring.

© Copyright 2011
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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