Spiritual Poetry – You Are the Shining Light

This is a time when people feel powerless and helpless in the face of the constant barrage of fear mongering by the press, news channels and the government terrorist wolf cries.  We each have the capability of changing the world.  We are all here for the purpose of becoming better human beings.

You Are the Shining Light

The Spirit Path is illuminated
by your soul.
You find the way
to the Creator within you.

There is no God outside.
God is in each of us;
without regard to race or religion;
without regard for anyone or anything.

Do not be confused or intimidated
by those claiming to have
The Way.  There are as many
Ways as there are beings.

You are part of the purpose
of the Creation;
to let your light shine through;
to push back the darkness.

This is the Spirit Path
that you are on
now and forever.
Keep moving towards the Creator.

© Copyright 2011
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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