Spiritual Poetry – Condolences

DSCN8352Having a family member or loved one pass often creates sadness in those left behind.  While the body has been abandoned by the spirit, that spirit continues.  The poem Condolences helps explain what happens after the passing.


It is hard to find the words
to somehow lessen the loss
that we feel when a loved one passes
beyond this earth and our presence.

We know that they are in a better place,
but that does not fill the void we feel;
the silence where there was a voice;
the space of their being, now empty.

We also know that they are not really gone.
They are with us and around us
even though we speak now with love
and memories instead of words.

If we listen with our hearts,
We will hear their words of comfort.
Those who pass over send their condolences
to those of us that remain behind.
© Copyright 2006
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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