Self-Assurance Messages

Hoover Dam 2013 007

The messages here are to help you know that you are a worthy human being and here for a purpose.  Finding and fulfilling that purpose is the reason you exist.

Affirmation for Living
I am a child of the Creator.
I am worthy of ALL good things.
I am grateful for God’s love.
Thank you, God, for everything.

(Repeat this affirmation until it moves from your head to your heart)

The Golden Rule is provided in some form by every major religion.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is one version.  As we develop spiritually, we become more aware of the impact our words and thoughts have on others.  This often results in our extensively criticizing ourselves for the negativity that we have created.  Awareness is useful.  Constant self-criticism, which is often beneath our consciousness, is not helpful.  Hence, we need to monitor and change our internal dialog to be positive.

Spiritualist Golden Rule
I will do an say to myself what I do and say to my best friend.
When I do this, I become my new best friend.

If you would never say to a friend, “I can’t believe how stupid you are”,
don’t say similar things to yourself.  Be aware of your internal dialog.
Encourage yourself and be grateful when you do good things.

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