Change of Scenery

My parents were truly amazing.  I kept in touch with Dad every day by phone.  We visited my Mom and Dad every few weeks from Columbus to Parkersburg.  When my Dad passed, the day itself was very calm.  We all thought my Mom would be the first to go because of her health, but that isn’t the way it turned out.

Change of Scenery

Each morning I would call.
“Hi Dad, how are you doing?”
And he would reply,
“Well, I’m still here”.

And now he isn’t;
not in the same way as before.
Verizon doesn’t connect us,
but Spirit does.

Mom still sees him sometimes.
She worries if he has lost his glasses
or if he needs new hearing aid batteries.
She’s a little confused, but we understand.

Nearly sixty-eight years of marriage
establishes connections beyond reality.
It would be a mistake to think
that Dad isn’t still with Mom.

When Mom says that she wants to be with Dad,
we all understand.
She won’t be happy until they are reunited.
It won’t be that long, but it will seem long for her.

It is hard to explain how someone is here,
but not in the same way.
She makes space for him on her bed
so he can be beside her again.

I explain that he doesn’t need any more space.
He is always wherever she is.
It is all about the separation of spirit from the body.
It is all about remembering the soul never dies.

© Copyright 2012
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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