Temple of the Cosmos


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Spirit Path


The Temple of the Cosmos is a philosophy, not a religion.  It is going to explore some basic questions of how did we get here, and why are we here.  This is not a simple topic.  We are going to minimize fixed ideas and allow for individual interpretation because of unknown and unknowable mysteries that occur in our existence.  We will accept this concept mysteries and move on down the Spirit Path.

We are going to define a different approach to the process of Creation and our place in it.  We will start with a definition of the Creator of All that Is, that I am calling COATI for short.  Most religions have a definition of a higher power, with the majority having one or more Gods and Goddesses.  The term God has so many interpretations and meanings that it is necessary to do further questioning to understand what a follower of a particular religion uses the word God or Goddess.

Since the origin of COATI is a complete and total mystery, we will work on a description of an entity of that is not discoverable except in what we perceive as the Creation.  COATI created everything, and everything is energy.  The Creation is organized into the total Universe, which can be divided into galaxies, stars, planets, and on down to inhabitants of planets.  Thus, COATI is and organizing energy.

There is an unbounded, infinite Universe that somehow came into existence.  We are all a product of COATI and we are a part of the Creation.  We are here.  We do not know how we got here.  There is a conjecture of the origin of the Universe that is called the Big Bang theory.  It has proven useful in describing the activities of the Universe in terms of how the Universe is expanding.  The Big Bang does not explain where the energy originated, and it does not explain how the energy was organized.

On our tiny planet in a tiny solar system that is part of a larger cluster of stars and planets, we know that one planet that we call Earth has living creatures.  One set of those creatures is human beings that have the capacity for self-realization.  We are here and we know we are here.  We don’t know how we got here but we know we exist.

Since we don’t really know how the Universe was formed, we don’t really know how we were created.  The idea that the energy of the Universe randomly organized itself over time to produce the Cosmos that has thinking human beings, and other thinking organisms, defies the laws of physics.  Systems do not order themselves.  Systems become less ordered over time unless there is energy added to keep them organized.

In conclusion, The Temple of the Cosmos recognizes that there is organizing energy that of unknown origin.  The nature of that organizing energy is shown by the Creation that has occurred, but we have a limited understanding of how that happened.  The basis of science (how the Universe came into existence) and the basis of religion (how the Creator of All that Is) are both unknown and unknowable.  We are a part of an incredible mystery.

Now we have to deal with that by finding our purpose for being here, and we need to fulfill our purpose to justify our being part of that infinite Creation.  In the Temple of the Cosmos, we are searching for how we can progress to justify our place in the Creation.