A Brief History of the Mishandling of the Pandemic


This is a summary of the mishandling of the pandemic by the HHS health agencies. It was a request for comment by a close acquaintance regarding how the HHS health agencies handled the pandemic.

“Pfizer got the first patent on mRNA technology in 2010. Warp Speed was the first big lie. The initial advice to those infected by the virus to quarantine for a couple of weeks was the first huge mistake, followed by the campaign against ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). This caused hundreds of thousands of deaths while the charade of getting the FDA to approve the experimental drugs occurred.

The first major definitions of what the mRNA vaccines would do were:
1) One shot would protect the injected from getting COVID
2) That one shot would protect anyone that was injected from giving  COVID (transmission) to anybody else
3) The shot would stay in the shoulder, which was an absolute lie and Pfizer and the FDA knew that because antibodies are called T-cells (thymus) and B-cells (bone marrow) based upon where they are produced as a result of a foreign element producing an immune reaction.
4) The Pfizer and Moderna submittals to the FDA showed that the vaccines were safe and efficacious like existing viruses for other diseases.
5) The FDA/CDC/NIH promised that the mRNA vaccines would prevent deaths and lessen hospital stays for those injected, which the CDC’s data has shown to be a lie.

NONE of these claims were true, and Pfizer’s development manager for their mRNA vaccine claimed that Pfizer NEVER promised that their vaccine would stop transmission.  The FDA/CDC/NIH chose to push this misinformation to shame those with injection reluctance into getting the shot.  The reluctance of the US population to get the boosters on a regular basis indicates that the majority of the public has decided that the FDA/CDC/NIH were lying. 

The HHS agencies organized a massive propaganda scheme to discredit scientists that discussed major adverse events and safety concerns with the injections.  Research institutions and major publications attempted to discredit research studies that validated the claims of adverse effects and very short protection from the virus.  These same agencies worked to slander two of the most safely used drugs in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) were both previously certified by the FDA as safe and effective against other major diseases.

Finally, the fact that President Biden and Anthony Fauci, MD were fully vaccinated before getting COVID; treated with Paxlovid; and got COVID again gives an indication of the efficacy of the injections.

This misadventure in gain-in-function research, and the illegality of both the mandates and the sanctions against those that refused the injections, when combined with the obscene profits made by Pfizer, Moderna, and Genentech, constitute the greatest fraud in human history.”

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