Covid-19 Jingle

One shot; two shots three shots; four,
No shot card? Do not go through that door.
Don’t travel here; don’t travel there;
Don’t have your shots? Don’t go anywhere!

Shots for seniors, shots for babies,
Shots for everything except for scabies.
The new global terror is an act of war.
How did we survive all of this before?

Agencies claiming they’re here to protect us,
denying a solution that could have saved us.
Helping their friends make lots of money;
we should stay quiet. Isn’t that funny?

You will take your shots. It’s all we got. 
They may protect you, or they may not.
Refusal to comply is an instrument of terror;
It is not for you to protest this error.

The error was to invest in “gain in function”
by regulatory clowns that now deny it.
Profits and control cannot justify it.
Wake up now and don’t buy this.

COVID-19 is a horrible thing;
Those that created it must be
held up to be seen.
Hiding the truth is their scheme.

Stand up, speak out,
use your senses,
The plan is to make us
feel we are defenseless.

We will resist these attempts;
we will not relinquish control
of our physical bodies to those
that have lost their own souls.

It is not too late to stop this terror.
It is not too late to correct these errors.
The agencies whose duty is to protect us
have decided instead to clearly reject us.

Those that have desecrated science
in the names of power and greed
must not triumph over us;
we can win this battle, I do believe.

© Copyright 2021
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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