Some truths about stopping COVID-19

Vertigo – Pen and ink by Rev. Jim Hetzer

Here is a clarification on the author’s views of the COVID vaccines. Based upon data supplied by the CDC, the risks from the vaccines were much lower than the risks if you get a COVID-19 infection. I took the Pfizer vaccines.

There is an indication from Pfizer that the immune response is weak and may last about 6 months, hence the “booster” shots. I won’t be taking any booster shots of any vaccine. The “breakthroughs” are a nice cover name for failures when people have taken the suggested dosage of a vaccine and then get COVID-19. There are warnings on “rare but significant adverse effects” on each of the three vaccines used in the US. The expectations for what the vaccines can do keep getting modified. The latest statement is that you may get COVID-19, but it isn’t likely to kill you.

The CDC spokesperson has said that the US is doing everything it can to stop the COVID pandemic, and it is following the science. This is absolutely untrue. Ivermectin has been very successful in lowering death rates in areas of high population COVID infections and actually rapidly decreases viral load in those infected. Vaccines do NOT kill the virus. The FDA has refused to seriously analyze the multitude of ivermectin studies that show significant reduction in transmission of the virus and deaths in the ICUs. The most important data are the documented reductions in deaths and lengths of treatments in ICUs that cause permanent damage, e.g. ventilator damage to lungs.

The statement that the spike proteins are confined to the shoulder where the shots were given defies logic. Bone marrow and the thymus are where B-cells and T- cells are generated to stop infection. Vaccines depend upon strong immune response to prevent infection. The young and healthy have strong immune functions. The older population and those with other conditions such as diabetes, obesity, chemotherapy, and certain medications are more likely to experience adverse effects. The body’s immune system is extremely complicated. The mRNA vaccines have not proven to provide long-term antibodies for prevention of COVID-19 infection.

There is a list of ivermectin trials done in the US and around the world, and scientific studies clearly show ivermectin works to reduce transmission, stop the virus replication, and lower death rates. The number of trials, the type of trials, and the results are summarized on It is important that the reported results from using ivermectin and the FLCCC MATH protocols do not imply that all people will live through COVID-19 infection treatments. The key to successful survival of exposure to COVID-19 lies in early prevention and then early treatment. This is described in the article First Principles to prevent COVID-19 infection, which is based upon Penn State University research and Independently verified by Indian scientists.

The FDA has insisted that there is no proof ivermectin should be certified as a part of the treatment for COVID-19 infections. The FDA is contributing to deaths from COVID by ignoring the scientific data showing ivermectin works. If necessary, the FDA needs to alter its certification process to allow experimental drugs and procedures to maintain Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) while certifying a drug (ivermectin) without invalidating the EUAs.

The FDA is forcing the use of totally inappropriate veterinarian ivermectin because it will not allow human ivermectin to be certified for use in treating COVID-19 infections. This is an artificially created objection by the FDA that was used early in the attempt to discredit ivermectin before the issuance of the EUAs for Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J.

The FDA is allowing the CDC to eliminate adverse effect reporting and vaccine suppliers to allegedly stop using placebos in continuing trials. EUAs have clearly defined protocols and times to complete the documentation of the efficacy and safety of the vaccines that were given EUAs.

The science regarding ivermectin is that the FDA approved it as safe and efficacious for treating parasites in 1996. The WHO has listed ivermectin as one of the top 10 most important drugs for global health. Ivermectin reduces the severity of the infection, blocks replication of the virus in early stages of infection, which is a key to stopping the COVID pandemic. Ivermectin does not have the higher costs of the vaccines, environmental control requirements, and shelf-life of ivermectin. US taxpayers are paying for the costs associated with vaccinations.

If you are confident that your vaccine is protecting you, good for you. If you are blaming those that refuse the vaccine, you should know that the Nuremberg Code states that governments should not be promoting an experimental drug or procedure, and there should be no penalties for refusing an experimental procedure, drug, or process. The Nuremberg Code that legislated to prevent the full scope of Nazi “experimentation” be eleminated.

The best source of information about what has been achieved with ivermectin in the treatment and prevention of COVID infection is found at If ivermectin were made widely available, those that fear possible side effects or resent the government’s attempt to force vaccinations on everyone are much more likely to agree to take ivermectin to help stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are satisfied with the way COVID-19 is being handled, carry on. If you think that ivermectin should be formally and publicly evaluated by the FDA for certification of ivermectin as part of the process to stop the pandemic, write or call your Congressperson to express your interests. Here is the website to use to contact any elected official. The phone number to call the White House switchboard is at 202-456-1414 or the comments line at 202-456-1111 during business hours

It is predicted that this will not be the last global pandemic. It is important to help set the strategies and make the processes transparent and in the public interest going forward for curbing future pandemics based upon “gain in function” research or biological terrorist weapons. A global uprising against gain in function research needs to focus on making gain in function research an international war crime, which the COVID-19 pandemic shows to be a valid concern.

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