Song of COATI

The word God has lost any concrete meaning. Every religion has one or more gods, and many religions consider that their God is “the true God”. Before all of the gods created by humans, there was a Creator. That Creator of All that IS is now named COATI. COATI is largely unknown, but several things are certain. COATI is an organizing energy that first created an initial Universe, and that creation process is still occurring.

The origin of this organizing energy is unknown and unknowable. Science and religions need to accept that some things are unknowable. The origin of all things related to COATI is a forever mystery. Accepting that forever mysteries exist creates serenity in the knowing.

The nature of COATI can be explained in a chant.

I am from you.
You are in me.
We are WE
For eternity.

Let it be that I see
that the God in you
is the God in me.
We are WE for eternity.

Lift me ever higher
so that I might see
all the things that you do
to reveal the world to me.

You give me grace and peace.
I know serenity.
I hear your voice, I feel your love.
We are WE for eternity.

You are the Source,
You are the Light.
You are the Love
that guides our lives.

© Copyright 2021
Rev. Jim Hetzer

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