Awadh India Restaurant

Awadh India Restaurant has been rated by a vacation travel organization as Number 7 best India restaurant in the U.S. out of a group of 24 Best India Restaurants. The owner/chef is Anand Kumar. Anand and his wife, Archana Srivastwa Kumar, work together to provide a menu of gourmet Indian food and excellent service.

The restaurant provides food from the many regions of India that utilizes recipes that have been passed from chef to chef over hundreds of years. Chef Anand offers a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are adjusted to the spice level of the guests.

In order to support those with dietary restrictions, there is a Special Dietary Menu that offers gluten-free (GF) and dairy-free (DF) vegetarian and meat dishes. In addition to these dishes on the Special Dietary Menu, there are other dishes from the Main Menu that can be adjusted for specific ingredients.

Anand and Archana will help you have an enjoyable gourmet Indian meal. The restaurant is located at Carriage Place in Columbus, OH, which is at the intersection of Bethel Road and Sawmill Road, 2584 Bethel Road, Columbus, OH, 43220. The restaurant has an intimate atmosphere with seven booths (?) and five (?) tables.

Seating is restricted due to current conditions so that is good to call 614-914-8884 in advance. Several food delivery services are available. Masks are required for entry into the restaurant. The staff complies with current regulations for visitors and staff. Tables are disinfected after each visit.

Anand and Archana offer special theme menus from time to time. Starting on January 15th, there is a Delhi 6 Food Festival that offers a sampling of Delhi 6 district street cuisine to complement the gourmet meals available from the Old Delhi restaurants.

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