Evangelicals Believe the Ends Justify the Means when it Comes to Trump

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When Donald Trump was caught on tape bragging about grabbing female genitalia prior to the 2016 presidential election, the Evangelicals reminded us all to forgive Trump.  When over 15 women went on record that Trump had sexually abused them, the Evangelicals reminded us that to err is human, and to forgive is divine.  When the Stormy Daniels affair with Trump was brought to light, the Evangelicals haven’t had much to say so far.

The reasons given for the acquiescence and acceptance of Trump by the Evangelicals were twofold.  Trump and Pence have stated that they will work to overturn Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that made access to abortion a personal choice of the woman.  They promised to do this by appointing federal judges at all levels that are sympathetic to ending abortions.

There are many that are against abortions, although they are not in the majority.  Pew Research provides a detailed breakdown of groups that are pro-choice versus anti-abortion.  Evangelicals are overwhelmingly against abortions, with some willing to force a mother to have a baby conceived by rape, incest, or a baby that is so hopelessly compromised that the baby will die upon birth.  Some call this pro-life, but it is really pro-birth.  There does not appear to be a great deal of concern about the fate of the baby once it is born.  Very few people that are pro-choice can be said to be pro-abortion.  There are worse things than not being born when the baby is facing a life of deprivation, hatred and abuse.


The willingness of the Evangelicals to forgive everything done by Trump as long as he delivers on overturning Roe v Wade is a clear statement that the ends justify the means.  It appears that the relationship that Trump had with Daniels began in 2006, after Trump’s marriage to Melania in 2005, and within a few weeks of the birth of Barron, Trump’s youngest son.  This was Trump’s third wife, which is OK with the majority of Americans, but not necessarily Evangelicals.

Trump has been the champion of divisiveness throughout his brief political career.  His apparent lack of self-respect and self-love has led to his statements against Mexican immigrants, blacks, Muslims, and any group that Trump feels will appeal to his followers are targets.  Apparently his attempt to put others down is not working to make him feel better about his self.  Trump has proven that having great power and immense wealth does not assure a feeling of self-worth and acceptance of different viewpoints from many cultures.

The Atlantic magazine had a story published on Jan 17, 2018 titled The Resurgent Threat of White-Supremacist Violence.  The premise is that white-supremacist group members are afraid that they are being overrun by non-whites that are being led by Jewish overlords.


“Modern white-supremacist ideology is founded on the belief that white people are on the verge of extinction, thanks to a “rising tide” of non-white populations (supposedly controlled by a Jewish conspiracy). As a result, some white supremacists and other racists justify their actions as attempts to “save” their race. When they say the white race is being threatened with “genocide” or “extinction,” it becomes easier for them to justify or rationalize violence in the name of “preserving” the race.”

The failure of the Evangelicals to speak out against Trump’s excesses, lack of morality, and aversion to truth shows that the leaders of the Evangelicals have lost their moral compass.  Evangelicals claim to be strict followers of the teachings of Jesus as recorded in The Bible.  In Matthew 2:26-30, Jesus proclaimed that all of his teachings could be summed up in two statements.  Love God.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  This replaces the law and the prophets.

It is unfortunate that Jesus’ commandment to love your neighbor as yourself failed to say that first you must love yourself.  If Trump loved himself, he would not need to court a group of supporters that are often acting out of fear, hatred, and lack of self-confidence.  The Evangelicals should reexamine their support of Trump, and their willingness to ignore the biblical admonition to love your neighbor as yourself in order to make anti-abortion as the guiding principle of the group.

The statement that the ends justify the means is rarely true.  We need to reunite all citizens into a group that is willing to accept diversity, recognize the value of those that are different, and make sure that our ends are reached through faith that the Creator does not make mistakes when diverse groups are allowed to exist.




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