The President is Nude

Trump toupee

Hans Christian Andersen wrote a children’s story titled The Emperor’s New Clothes.  The emperor was proud of his wardrobe and spent lavishly to impress his subjects.  The emperor was concerned about the trustworthiness and loyalty of his subjects.  Two weavers convinced the emperor that they could weave a new suit with magical powers that would be invisible to any of the subjects that were of limited intelligence or unable to fulfill their government positions.

When the emperor showed off his new invisible suit, the subjects praised the fine workmanship and stylishness of the suit.  They did not want to appear stupid or incompetent by admitting they could not see the new suit.  They lavished praise upon his good taste instead of believing what they were not seeing.  They were willing to go along with the weavers’ deceptions rather than be judged inferior by the emporor.  And then a child declared, “But, the emperor has no clothes.”

President Trump has a similar situation as the emperor with regard to those that voted for him.  His followers are reluctant to question his decisions because they want him to make things better.  He claimed he would “Make America Great Again” when the US already had the strongest economy and the most aggressive war power in the world.  He promised to bring jobs back to America to factories that have been dismantled, with the equipment sold for scrap and the land sold for real estate development.  He supported a tax plan led by the GOP (Greed Over Principles) that puts a small amount of money in the average citizens’ pockets while the rich get richer, and richer, and richer.

President Trump has revealed what is beneath the carefully woven topknot, and it isn’t much.  His Twitter feeds reflect his true values, which is to defame anyone that dares to question his magnificent abilities, ideas, and skills.  Despite multiple bankruptcies, he claims to be a great businessman.  He is great with slogans, but not so great in leading the country.  His majorities in the House and Senate have failed to get anything done that benefits the citizens of the US.

Like the emperor with no clothes, the president’s vanity and bravado are leading him to continuously attack those that he needs to implement his agenda to make things better for average citizens.  Instead, he is using the Office of the President as a vehicle for further advancing his wealth and those in Congress that aspire to implement similar acts of robbing from the poor to pay off the rich.

The role of the duped citizens of the empire is being played out by the GOP members of Congress.  The leaders of the House and Senate are content to pretend that the president is working in the interest of the citizens of the US while they are actually being interested solely in keeping their Super PAC contributors happy and paid off.

The Trump base that created Trumpland includes those that voted for him despite his video bragging about pussy grabbing.  His base still supports him despite his assurance that the white nationalists in Charlottesville were also good people, his baiting of Kim Jon Un to deflect attention from the fact that he won the election with the help of the Russians.

He is willing to make huge sacrifices in US security rather than admit that the Russians interfered with the 2016 election, and the Russians are a huge threat to repeat that interference again.  Perhaps the Russians have pictures of the president in the nude when he was visiting in Moscow.  Perhaps the Russians have proof that he made a deal with the Devil’s representatives to keep his companies solvent.  It is hard to say why he admires Putin other than he admires the imperial power that Putin displays.

Those looking for a Messiah to lead them back to the good old days will slowly realize that they have been duped by a very, very false prophet.  The evangelicals are willing to forgive the president in exchange for the work of VP Pence to overturn Roe v Wade, and further the goal of making Christianity the state religion.

Take a closer look at what he has promised versus what he has delivered.  It is not too late to make the changes that make America a true example of democracy for the world.  There is an opportunity to back away from the global interference that the US has engaged in for decades and use the money to restore equality and justice for all.

There is no doubt that the president is nude.  We don’t have to pretend that he is wearing the cloak of righteousness.  Speak up that he is not what we need to restore democracy to our nation and reassert our values that have made us great.

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